16 October 2009

Overdoze on dope

I intentionally tried to refrain myself from posting anything so as to complete the killing of Ravi Nair from my previous post. I am also reading the white tiger by Arvind Adiga for some inspiration; but that’s going to take time and I just could not resist the temptation of posting something about weird random adventures I’ve had in wonderland and the internet. A lot of it is pieces of stories and theories that I’ve heard and read from various sources while creatively wasting my time at work in times when the economy is giving it to us.

Assuming that life’s a combination of innumerable variables coming together with varying intensities and quantities, the probability of having a positive outcome eventually can be a very small number. So animals with brains as we are; we hope (pray for that matter) to get a positive outcome and rely on a supernatural unsubstantiated incomprehensible force; God.

Here’s for some overdose on dope; imagine the existence of life on a parallel universe which has taken the sole responsibility of transferring best practices everywhere that life exists; came to earth thousands of years ago to reduce the inherent barbarism that was so common before the Aliens gave birth to civilization by dazzling earthlings with possibilities way ahead of our time; and just so to have a lasting effect when they were not here said they were the incarnation of the supernatural. May be they had a periodic inspection to make every few thousand years for continuous improvement and came back to earth (once in every “yug”).

Not that I am atheist or something but the presence and existence of God; some would call it magical realism.

Yes I am completely obsessed with James Cameron’s “The Avatar”. Not the movie really although I am sure it would be a visual feast. What intrigues me are the parallels it draws with stories from the Hindu mythology which I am pretty confident; is the oldest account of the existence of the supernatural among earthlings.

The Soloist is by far the best movie to come out of Hollywood this year. It has a sort of a poetic flow to it and intriguing essence; none of which I have witnessed in a really long time. Whether it’s the slur that Nathaniel has to his speech or the silences for Steve Lopez; the movie has managed to capture every emotion to that character at that moment of its life. The miles that the characters travel especially Robert Downey; with just a little expression is in the same league as Al Pacino in the scent of a woman. I am paranoid fan of Al Pacino drama and I did not believe that an actor would be born with the same level of sensibilities; but make way for Robert “Steve Lopez” Downey Jr. The movie goes on and proves the myth severely incorrect that all good movies need to have a conclusion. The movie leaves a question mark. The movie may not have a conclusion for face value but presents several metaphors for life.

Speaking of metaphors, I recently laid my hands on an Anurag Kashyap interview where he elaborates on how he made a fool of an entire system with his film “No Smoking”. He was facilitated by the health ministry for promoting the idea; part of the same group of people who banned his “Black Friday” (Was stopped by the government from releasing). The movie is not anti smoking; it’s pro smoking. What he really wanted to convey is how freedom of expression; the sole privilege of being the citizen of a democratic nation, is suppressed in the country. Smoking was a metaphor for expression as it uses the same two fingers as we all do for writing; and how as a community we isolate smokers and free thinkers. Baba Bengali; the crazy rehab man was a metaphor for the powers that be who derive their power from the underprivileged (the dwarfs in the movie), minority (the women in burkhas) and brute force.

If that’s not crazy enough, I also read somewhere that Looney toones was America’s answer to propaganda by the Russians.

To finish off, I also watched “Wanted”, “Do knot disturb”, “Aagey se right”. Let’s not get started on that.


And yes; GO WATCH KAMINEY if you haven’t.