14 April 2009

U O K ?

Why do you like the feeling of victory?

What do you feel accomplishing something?

Biologically; it’s out of ordinary hormonal activity which the brain defines as happiness or in a very literary form; “The sense of accomplishment”.

But hormonal activity is not confined to just victory. Sex, depression, crying, laughter, thought gripping moments, love, violence; all help stir up your hormones. (May be different ones from the ones associated to victory). Keeping this in mind I come to think that emotional sensitivity is an extremely misunderstood concept. It’s widely used to describe people who have the tendency to cry or react to situations or in other words have a very low threshold to unwelcome situations. I believe that is incorrect. Being emotionally sensitive means that you have more than one reason that would stir up your hormones; and as I described earlier there are a lot of other things that would help you do that.
I don’t feel bad when I cry, get angry or violent and am absolutely in love with the feeling of victory and sex. I love it when Rocky Balboa runs up the steps; Gladiator takes off his mask, when Sachin hits the winning run and Ben Kingsley in full flow.
The House of Sand and Fog; it might be a little bit too dramatic for some people’s taste but it just absolutely made my day. It manages to amalgamate so many aspects of life that the very thought of the characters going through them breaks you down. Ben Kingsley (playing a soldier from Iran) and Jennifer Connelly (playing a person who has the tendency to screw up everything) together create a masterpiece. It humbles you to the importance of owning a house, and things that a family does to you unknowingly; and most importantly it does not allow you to judge any character.
Jennifer Connelly is evicted from her house by mistake which she inherited from her father which she definitely cannot afford on her own as she is a house cleaner and has been dumped by her husband because she’s an addict.
Ben used to be a high ranking soldier in Iran but has fled the country and staying in America as people were trying to kill his Family. He is used to live in an aristocratic fashion; lives in a high rise building in the city and is seen only in the best suits in and out of the building. He works as a labourer by the day and at a convenience store at night. Nobody knows about this except for his wife.
Ben buys the house from the county in an auction and fixes the whole place up in a span of a few weeks before the county finds out that they auctioned it by mistake. Now Ben wants 4 times the price he paid as that’s the asking rate. The county won’t pay it, Jennifer wants the house back and amongst all this the police man who evicted her is in love with her and has left his wife of ten years for her. This is how the director sets the stage for a gruelling emotional drama and if you’re wondering why the fuck did I go on and on about hormonal bullshit then dear reader; it’s a fucking hormonal feast.

Go treat yourself.
Reader Contribution:
At first glance, your overall description of the film seems to encompass all of what the film is about in a nutshell. I like that myself, as it gives me an insight as to what Im about to go and watch, but sometimes too much detail may uncover some aspects of the film best kept secret. Some people may call you a "Homer Simpson" as he ruins endings of movies by always saying He dies in the end, before people see the movie !
You've done a good job at setting the scene but you have also raised the bar for this flick very high with your opening comments up to the first paragraphs. I can see you enjoyed this film extremely but the way you explain the emotional rollercoaster this film is, makes me think Im gonna cum in my pants just watching it.
Was it really that good ? Did you enjoy it because you can relate to it ? Can you pick any holes in the plot to tone down your enthusiasm about it ?
Mauro Lipo